Things I Learned From Being a Motorcycle Instructor

This post was originally published internally at a previous employer, as part of a series on learning to coach and provide feedback to employees. Introduction I mentioned in an earlier blog post that one of my interests was motorcycling. In fact I was a volunteer instructor with the Ottawa Safety Council’s motorcycle rider course for… Continue reading Things I Learned From Being a Motorcycle Instructor

Making Better Presentations

I’ve been working on a document for the last twenty years, consolidating my notes from presentations that I thought were especially good or bad into a set of advice on presenting well.  This has become my own approach to making presentations, and it works well for me. I’m making the document available publicly here, in… Continue reading Making Better Presentations

Depth vs Breadth

At my last few employers I used to blog regularly and encourage other executives to blog. I will be reproducing slightly modified versions of some of those blog posts here. This one, on the subject of when and how to expand skills and knowledge, was first published in early 2019. Depth vs Breadth? In this… Continue reading Depth vs Breadth